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All women in the world are worried with their skin. If you understand how to treat your skin, so you can earn better advantages and look young. Metro sexual men are also visits beauty salon to consult skin treatment from beautician. Wow…
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Skin begins to lose its luster with the loss of collagen, the material that creates the smooth, elastic feel of youthful skin. As we age, collagen is replaced by amorphous bundles of cells. Skin becomes thin and stretched, and outward signs can include slight inflammation. Outer layers of skin become depleted of blood vessels that supply life-giving nutrients. But this is only part of the story. The loss of collagen and youthful skin is not just a result of simply aging. In fact, the main culprit for the vast majority of these unwanted changes is sunlight exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light can damage your skin in many ways:

* Removes natural antioxidants in your skin, such as vitamins A, C, E, and coenzyme Q

* Decreases or even stops altogether your skin’s ability to make collagen

* Eliminates immune cells that protect against infections and cancers

* Causes several kinds of skin cancers, including melanoma.

Do you love to enjoy outdoor activities? Without excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, skin remains young well past middle age. Science News demonstrated this assertion with contrasting photos in a recent issue. A ninety-year-old Asian monk who never went outdoors appeared to be a much younger man in his thirties. Also shown was a Navajo woman who spent most waking moments in the sun. While only fifty, she appeared twice her age.

Prevention and Treatment

Remember, you can’t change your past. You can, however, take control of what happens to your skin in the future. And you can go a long way toward undoing the damage of past years.
The first step is a commitment to keeping out of the sun. While some sun exposure is necessary to produce vitamin D, reduce that exposure to your face with broad-brimmed hats and wrap-around sunglasses that screen out UV. Also use appropriate sunscreen for your face and body. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that explicitly says it protects against UVA is the best. The spectrum of ultraviolet light causes most of the damage to your skin by creating oxidative free radicals. Traditional sunscreens protect only against UVB. Next, eat a healthy diet that will replenish from within the vitamins and antioxidants your skin needs to neutralize UV damage.
Please beware of cosmetic promotions that can solve your entire skin problem. Consult with your skin expertise.

The most practical route to reversing the ravages of photo aging is to use high-quality skin products formulated according to the latest scientific research. Simply purchasing products at the supermarket or drug store that make wild promises won’t achieve the effect you desire. With a range of scientifically-designed products to attack multiple areas, it is possible to make your skin look younger, to get rid of wrinkles, and to make your skin fuller and more elastic in short, to reverse a great deal of the damage your skin has suffered.

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How to Do a Fall Detox

By Katherine Huether

There a few schools of thought when it comes to performing detoxes. Some people simply don’t do them. Others prefer to follow an extreme fast at least once a year. And there are the types of cleanses that fall somewhere in the middle. The following tea blend is ideal for any of these stages. I personally don’t follow strict cleansing fasts. I prefer to prepare cleansing blends and follow a healthy diet. I like to use this blend in the fall because it contains ingredients such as rosehips which can help strengthen the immune system and are a good source of Vitamin C.

* Note: all the herbs listed in this blend are dried.


Shop for the ingredients. I like to either purchase my herbs from a reputable supplier (I like Mountain Rose Herbs) or pick or grow my own. If you pick your own, make sure you give the herbs a chance to dry.

Step 2
When it comes time to make the blend, add all of the ingredients to the bowl. Stir with the wooden spoon until well combined.

Your best bet is to pour the blend into an airtight amber glass jar. However, if you can’t find an amber glass jar, any airtight container will do. Just make sure to store the tea away from heat and light.

When it comes time to make the tea, use 1.5 tsp. of the dried blend with each cup of hot water.

Things You’ll Need:
• 1/2 cup stinging nettle leaves
• 1/2 cup dandelion leaves
• 1/4 cup burdock root
• 1/4 cup spearmint leaves
• 1/4 cup rosehips
• Medium mixing bowl
• Wooden spoon
• Airtight container


Smart Way to Lose Weight

Modern men and women need a slim body. They want a better appearance for many reasons. Yes, if you have an ideal weight you will healthier and happier. So, how to get a good body?

Dr. Kenneth Cooper in the late 1960s published Aerobics as the “perfect” way to “train” your heart. He thought that medium intensity aerobic exercise practiced three or four times a week was all you needed for heart health. Do you still follow this method? But, today the reality is different. A recent study by Harvard researchers shows that those who do short-duration, high-intensity workouts, reduce their risk of heart disease by 100 percent more than those who practice aerobic exercise.
A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that men and women who exercised at a higher intensity had lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides (blood fat), higher HDL (good cholesterol) and less body fat. What’s more, medium intensity does not train your “high-energy output system” – your ability to get extra power fast. And that’s exactly what we’re missing in our modern world. You are overweight for the most simple of reasons — because you’re eating the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories per meal, and you’re also eating meals in the wrong patterns each day.Food is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pills, because the FOOD that you eat cans either make you THIN or FAT. You don’t get fat because of a lack of exercising, that’s a myth. You get fat because you don’t eat the right foods at the right intervals each day.
Also, the pattern that you choose to eat your meals each day is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pills. This is true because your body is like an “engine” and it only needs certain foods at certain intervals each day, and if you don’t eat the right foods at the right times then it won’t burn those calories — and you’ll wind up storing those calories as fat tissue.
You have gotten overweight by eating the wrong foods, that much is a fact. And guess what? You can get SLIM by eating the RIGHT FOODS at the RIGHT INTERVALS each day. Remember that the reason you cannot lose weight by starving yourself (using a low calorie diet) is because your metabolism will detect any major drop in calories and it will then ADJUST ITSELF by burning fewer calories each day.
It’s not really any more complicated than that, and the way to start losing weight has nothing to do with starving yourself or jogging, but if you can combine a dynamic aerobics and eat right foods, you can achieve a better result to lose weight.
In a matter of weeks, you can: Lose pounds of belly fat, Build functional new muscle, Reverse heart disease, Build energy reserves available on demand, strengthen your immune system, and Reverse many of the changes of aging.
*) Source: from many sources.

Beautiful Skin

Are you happy today? You have a right to earn a happy life. Every day.

Don’t wait, when you can have a more beautiful complexion in just a couple of weeks.We’ve heard from so many acne sufferers who ALL tell us the same things:

· You hate looking in the mirror.
· You are embarrassed, frustrated and angry.
· You feel like you don’t look good no matter how hard you try.
· You wonder if people think you have a poor hygienic habits.
· You want to hide your face
. You wonder if people think you have a poor diet

Beautiful skin is something we all want. A clean and clear complexion is attractive and just sends out a message that we’re healthy and that we look after ourselves with care and attention. But it feels so unfair that acne has nothing to do with how healthy we are, or how carefully we look after our skin!The fact is that acne is the result of overactive hormones. And today’s environment has created such horrific hormonal imbalances that our bodies struggle just to keep working at 100% efficiency. Acne today is getting us while we’re younger, and older. Doctors are now reporting that children as young as 8 and 9 years old are being treated for acne. An increasing number of adults are now suffering from acne into their 40’s. Acne outbreaks are becoming more severe.

It’s time for you to change your life. Don’t worry; there is a special solution to make your face and skin healthier and prettier than before.

If you want beautiful skin, you’re going to have to help your body to balance your hormones.

How to prevent Heart Disease?

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Everyone wants to improve their health. You should always keep in mind that whatever actions you do today can either help to prevent, delay or minimize the effect of heart disease or worsen it. The key is to control the risk factors. You cannot control every risk factor for heart disease such as family history, but you can definitely do something about your behavior. Age and gender also influence your risk of heart disease. Whatever your education, jobs and profession you should understand your lifestyle.

It’s important to know your daily habit. Are you a social drinker or a social smoker? Smoking and drinking too much alcohol is very bad and disturbs your heart. Smoking can cause you lung cancer and respiratory abnormalities. Also, excessive alcohol consumption can cause cirrhosis, an irreversible (it cannot be healed) liver disease that can disturb or even damage your liver and its functions. 

Where are you going for lunch? Your daily food and beverages is important key and gives good and bad effect to your body especially your blood pressure and your heartbeat rate. Most medical consultants and doctors will advise you to control your cholesterol level. Natural food such as vegetable, fruit, and other food contain with calcium, magnesium and potassium is very important to maintain your heart.

Another way to prevent heart disease is to be active in your daily life. An exercise or light sport such as jogging or a moderate physical activity at least 30 minutes every day is really good to control your body weight. Try to perform 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. health, heart, health tips, prevent heart disease, healthy heart, sex life, healthy food, Power walking is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease, because it increases your heart rate (how many times your heart beats every minute). This can help increase heart strength and endurance, and it’s very useful at times when you’re exposed to sudden, heavy physical activities.

 If you can lose even a small amount of weight, five pounds for example, it may have a positive effect on lipid levels and blood pressure preventing heart disease.

Good sexual intercourse also prevents heart disease because sex reduces heart disease risks. When you have sex, your heartbeat goes fast, and after that, you become calm and content. Thishealth, heart, health tips, prevent heart disease, healthy heart, sex life, healthy food, is a sign of a good heart health. Take the case of women. Till they are 40, heart diseases are rare amongst them. But once they cross the menopause hurdle, the heart walls thicken, arteries stiffen and women become more prone to heart diseases. Here, an active sex life can make matters easier for you. 

Researchers at the Queen’s University say that making love three or more times a week helps women as well as men stay away from many diseases relating to the heart. Good news about sex is that a vigorous sexual encounter equals to running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a spirited game of squash. Sex boosts the production of testosterone (on men) which leads to stronger bones and muscles.

Please take this advice: Before you take any action about how to prevent heart disease, please consult with your doctor or go to your local hospital or clinic to do a medical checkup. If you can maintain your health and control your lifestyle you may live longer and happier. See you in Bali in another holiday.